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Bears passing attack crippled by dropped passes

Devin Hester, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery all dropped crucial passes to kill the Bears passing attack in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Matthew Stockman

Dropped passes plagued the Chicago Bears offense on Sunday as they fell to the Minnesota Vikings and damaged their ever dwindling playoff chances.

In the fourth quarter, Jay Cutler hit Devin Hester in the middle of the field on a slant pattern that was destined for the end zone. But with no defender between him and the endzone, Hester did not look the ball into his hands and dropped the pass.

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago writes that no one was more critical of the play than Hester himself.

"We're not finishing the plays," Hester said. "I had a crucial drop. Could have probably had a chance to score, and I dropped it. You got any more questions? It's just frustrating to let a play go. I let a play go that I can't get back."

Brandon Marshall, despite going over the 100 reception mark on the season, also dropped a crucial pass, as did Alshon Jeffery. Taking into account the dropped passes and missed opportunities, Jay Cutler and the Bears' passing attack was 22-of-44 for 260 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. The result: a loss, which drops the Bears to 8-5 and makes their road to the postseason significantly more difficult.

"We all let the team down," Marshall said.