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Houston Texans will defeat Chicago Bears, according to Bulls forward Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler says the Houston Texans will beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday .. by 117 points.


Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler thinks the Houston Texans will prevail over the Chicago Bears on Sunday. In a video on CSN Chicago, Butler was asked what he thinks the score will be when the two teams meet for Sunday Night Football.

He said the Texans will win the game 120-3.

Obviously, this is hyperbole, but it's clear Butler, a Houston, Texas, native, is high on this year's Texans team. "They're unstoppable -- offense and defense," Butler went on to say. He then called this year's Houston team a "Super Bowl team."

While his final score is surely off by a good margin, regardless of the winner, both of these teams stand a solid chance at meeting again this season, in the aforementioned Super Bowl. Houston has failed to put things together year after year, but this time around, their team looks absolutely stacked on both sides of the ball.

Chicago, meanwhile, managed to overcome some early struggles in which they were forced to win games in the final minutes, and now sit at 7-1, like the Texans. It will definitely be an interesting game between two of the NFL's best teams, but let's call the 120-3 prediction a bit ... unrealistic.