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Jabari Parker injury: Simeon forward may not be ready for Dec. 1 opener

Jabari Parker may miss the season opener for the Simeon Career Academy, as he is still rehabbing a fracture in his right foot.


Jabari Parker has already commented about the fact that he has no favorite in the recruiting process, as the nation's second-ranked senior out of Chicago's Simeon Career Academy is still weighing his options. That being said, many are glossing over the fact that Parker is still dealing with a fracture in his right foot.

According to Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago, Parker could miss the Simeon season opener on Dec. 1 due to the injury. He will have another MRI on Nov. 19 and has been working to rehab the injury since he suffered the fracture during the summer. According to his father, Parker hasn't played basketball in four months.

We likely won't know Parker's availability for the opener until that MRI is taken on Nov. 19. Until then, his status for the game remains in doubt. By all accounts, they're taking it slow and doing everything they can to ensure Parker doesn't return too early from the fracture and risk aggravating it.