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Barack Obama, Scottie Pippen play basketball on election day

Exit polling reports that Obama won by 20 points, more or less.


President Barack Obama played some Election Day basketball with former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen on Tuesday afternoon at the Hope Athletic Center on Chicago's West Side. Obama and his staffers have made Election Day games a tradition, after they dropped the New Hampshire primary in 2008 on a day when they neglected to hit the hardwood.

Along with Pippen, other notables playing with the Commander-in-Chief Tuesday included former Bulls guard and current director of player development Randy Brown, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson (Obama's brother-in-law), Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and one-time Blue Devil and former Obama special assistant Reggie Love.

Press pool reports said that Obama's squad won by about 20. Pippen and Brown both played with the POTUS, so that's no surprise.

Pippen was quoted by Bulls interactive marketing manager Adam Fluck on Twitter saying that "I thought the lanes used to open up when Michael Jordan used to drive, but when I saw the President drive I thought they were bringing the whole motorcade down the lane."

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