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Michael Jordan has a fan in Bulls' Nate Robinson

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson happens to be a big fan of Michael Jordan - imagine that!

Stephen Dunn

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson is a big fan of Michael Jordan, according to ESPN Chicago. Of course, that's not marquee news or anything ... many young players in the league probably grew up as fans of Jordan, or, at the very least, they probably respected him. But Robinson is about one notch higher than "slightly obsessed" on the fandom scale.

Robinson says he has enough pairs of Air Jordan shoes to wear a different set every game of the NBA season. "I wouldn't have to wear the same shoes twice unless I wanted to," Robinson said, "Right now I have like 80 or 81 pair of Jordans I can wear without wearing the same one twice if I wanted to."

He also went on to say that he goes back and watches tape of Jordan playing, to see which shoes he was wearing in some of his best games against the teams that he'll be playing that night or the next day. He'll then wear those shoes to try and capture some of that Jordan magic.

Robinson talked about the big honor to play for the Bulls, with all of Jordan's history and legacy around, and his desire to win a title with Chicago as well, so be sure to check out the link.