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2012 NCAA hockey schedule: Notre Dame takes on Lake Superior

Notre Dame is set for two games against Lake Superior on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday and Saturday, Notre Dame will take on Lake Superior, looking to make it double digit wins in the NCAA's Division I hockey league. Notre Dame is currently ranked No. 6 is the Division I Men's Poll, with Denver, Miami (OH), Minnesota, New Hampshire and Boston College ahead of them.

Lake Superior is not ranked in the poll, and Notre Dame (9-4) should be favored over the 7-8 Lake Superior team. They're coming off a split with Ohio State in two games, winning their most recent. Their away record isn't so good, at 2-3, but they remain .500 on the season, regardless. Notre Dame also picked up a win in their last outing, a 5-2 victory over North Dakota in a series that was also split.

The schedule for Notre Dame's Friday and Saturday games are below.

Friday, 11-30-2012, Lake Superior @ Notre Dame 7:35 ET
Saturday, 12-1-2012, Lake Superior @ Notre Dame 7:05 ET

For a full USCHO schedule, go here, and you can find the Division I Men's Poll here.