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Chicago Bears will start Gabe Carimi, Edwin Williams at guard

The Bears have made changes on the offensive line to better-protect Jay Cutler.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bears are looking to help quarterback Jay Cutler with changes in protection this week. Offensive tackle Gabe Carimi is making the switch to right guard, while backup center Edwin Williams will be asked to help protect Cutler's blindside at left guard.

This season, the Bears have given up 35 sacks, and recent injuries sustained by Cutler help illuminate the issues Chicago has had with protection. In last week's victory over the Minnesota Vikings, the Bears allowed only one sack, but consistent pressure helped force Mike Tice's hand in making a switch.

Gabe Carimi has been a primary source of concern this season. Once thought to be Chicago's future at left tackle, Carimi's struggles as a pass blocker have been well documented, causing the Bears to reassess his position on the offensive line. Now that means playing a 6-7 linemen at right guard, a position normally held for more stout bodies, not normally requiring a player with length.

Facing a Seattle Seahawks team this week that excels at rushing the passer from all four line positions, it remains to be seen whether this change will help stop the bleeding and keep Jay Cutler upright.