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NFL Power Rankings: Bears still in top 10 after win

A dominating win over the Minnesota Vikings has kept the Chicago Bears in the top 10 of power rankings from around the web.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears dominated the Minnesota Vikings from the opening kickoff to the final whistle on Sunday in a 28-10 win. The game even featured punter Adam Podlesh running in a two point conversion. The Bears made it look easy against the Vikings and for that, they were rewarded with a bump up the NFL power rankings across the web.

SB Nation's own Joel Thorman moved them up one spot from eighth to seventh, noting sometimes getting your starting quarterback under center again can make all the difference in the world.

Makes a difference when you have Jay Cutler and not Jason Campbell, huh? The Bears should be favored in every remaining game down the stretch.

ESPN kept the Bears right where they were the week before but they have them higher at sixth. The win bumped the Bears up one spot in CBS' power rankings from eighth to seventh. Pete Prisco makes the same observation his compatriots at ESPN made: this is just adifferent team with Cutler on the field.

They are such a different team when Jay Cutler is on the field from an attitude standpoint. He has to stay on the field.

The Bears will try and continue their power rankings climb when they face the Seattle Seahawks at home this Sunday.