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Jay Cutler's 'fatherly instincts' help Chicago Bears in 28-10 win over Minnesota Vikings

Cutler helped tie left tackle J'Marcus Webb's left shoe during the fourth quarter of their win over the Vikings.


Quarterbacks have a lot of duties before they take the football on a given play. They must get the play, make pre-snap reads and re-arrange blockers or audible if need be. One duty you don't often find on a list of things to do for quarterbacks: tying your left tackle's shoe. But that's just what Jay Cutler did for J'Marcus Webb in the Chicago Bears' 28-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

After Webb's shoe had come off, he managed to get it back on but couldn't tie it fast enough for Cutler's liking. So the veteran quarterback squatted down and helped Webb get his cleat back on.


Asked after the game what drove him to getting low and using the bunny ear method on Webb's cleats, Cutler says it must be his 'fatherly instincts.'

I think my fatherly instincts were kicking in. I was trying to keep the drive going so we wouldn’t have to burn a timeout, but we burned it anyway.

Just before the preseason, Cutler's fiance, reality television star Kristen Cavallari, gave birth to the couple's first son, Camden Jack Cutler.