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Notre Dame will play waiting game for SEC Champion

After their win over Southern California, Notre Dame will wait a week to find out if they're playing Georgia or Alabama in the national championship.


Not only will the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to wait nearly a month and a half to play in the BCS national Championship game, they'll have to wait another week to find out who their opponent is. Although the Fighting Irish will be the only undefeated team in the game, it's no doubt whoever represents the SEC will be heavily favored.

In all likelihood, Notre Dame will be facing the winner of the SEC Championship tilt between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs. Either of those squads will be heavily favored in some part because of the recent SEC bogarting of the national championship with the last six belonging to them.

Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly says they won't be focusing too much on the SEC Championship game but instead on getting better.

We gotta figure out over the next six weeks how we get better as a football team. It'll be about us.

Should Alabama advance past Georgia, they'd be playing Notre Dame for their third national championship in the last four seasons. The Fighting Irish still have plenty to work on, especially offensively. They settled for six field goal attempts in their 22-13 win over the USC Trojans on Saturday.