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Chicago Bulls to use same starting lineup

Tom Thibodeau said Friday he would not alter his starting lineup, a couple days after suggesting changes could be coming following a third-straight loss.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

After suggesting earlier in the week that he might alter his starting lineup, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said after the team's Friday practice that he would do no such thing, Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago reported.

The Bulls are currently riding a three-game losing streak, the longest in the regular season since Thibodeau took over as their coach in 2010. After losing to the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Thibodeau said he'd "see" about changing his lineup.

But when asked after practice Friday if any changes were imminent, Thibodeau said, "No, we're fine."

The Bulls' starters currently consist of point guard Kirk Hinrich, shooting guard Richard Hamilton, small forward Luol Deng, power forward Carlos Boozer and center Joakim Noah. Boozer and and Hamilton have played less than 25 minutes in the past two games.

The Bulls sit in second place in the Central Division with a 5-6 record. They play on the road Saturday against the division-leading Milwaukee Bucks, themselves riding a two-game losing streak.