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Chicago Bears, Lance Louis could start working on extension

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Lance Louis could be in line for a contract extension after the season.


Bears right guard Lance Louis has been one of the most consistent players on Chicago's offensive line, and he could be in line for a contract extension, according to CSN Chicago's John Mullin.

The Bears have been dealing with injuries and poor play at times along their offensive line this season, but Louis has remained healthy and played well in the final year of his current contract. Louis had to fight to make the Bears' final roster in 2009, his rookie season, but since then he has been an anchor on the line.

"I think Lance has had a very consistent year as far as improving," said offensive coordinator Mike Tice, who began coaching Louis and the Bears' offensive line in 2010. "I think every week he gets better. I'm very pleased with his progress. He has that one or two plays a game that I'm sure he would like to have back but he's continuing to improve as a young player, and in leaps and bounds. His arrow is up."

While Louis has the option to enter free agency following the season, the Bears could make an enticing offer. And considering the lineman's feelings about the Bears, the chances of him entering the market seem even lower:

"I love it here," Louis said. "Love it. No doubt about it - I can't think about all of that right now but man, I would love to stay here."

Next up for Louis and the Bears is a home game against the Minnesota Vikings. Chicago and Minnesota kick off Sunday at noon CT, and the game will be televised by FOX.