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Notre Dame vs. USC: SEC pulling for Trojans

A Notre Dame loss on Saturday could set up another all-SEC National Championship.


The SEC has won six consecutive BCS National Championship and last season the conference became the first to have both teams in the championship team be from the same league. With Notre Dame sitting at No.1 in the current BCS standings the SEC is still very likely to get its champion into the title game, but a loss by the Fighting Irish would possibly set up another all-SEC final.

As a result, the SEC is cheering for the Trojans to pull off the upset of Notre Dame on Saturday night:

"I had an Alabama coach text me," Kiffin said Thursday.

Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban?

"Nick doesn't know how to text," Kiffin said. "I've texted him before."

The message from the Alabama assistant?

"Just win Saturday," Kiffin said. "Beat the Irish."

Teams from the SEC currently occupy the three spots immediately behind Notre Dame in the BCS standings. Alabama clinches a spot in the SEC championship game with a victory over Auburn, while Georgia victory over Georgia Tech likely clinches a spot in the BCS title game for the SEC champion.

Georgia is already in the SEC title game, but one-loss No.4 Florida can get a boost in the BCS if it defeats No. 10 Florida State.