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Notre Dame vs. USC: Irish RB Cierre Wood focuses on improving running style

Wood is trying to get the Irish into the BCS National Championship game.

Jonathan Daniel

On the eve of the most important game for Notre Dame football in almost 20 years, running back Cierre Wood is trying to focus on his running style in order to get the Fighting Irish into the National Championship game. Wood, who has rushed for 720 yards and four touchdowns despite an early two-game suspension, says that he is trying to become more of a north-south runner, as Brian Kelley explained that Wood is "locked in. He's getting more north and south in his running. The inside‑outside zone scheme is set to run north and south. We don't want a lot of cutting."

Wood is averaging an impressive 7.1 yards per carry, which is a full two yards above his 2011 average. Last season was a 1,000 yard season with nine touchdowns. He is currently coming off of his biggest game of the 2012 season in which he ran for 150 yards and a touchdown against Wake Forest in a 38-0 blowout.

Wood also ran for more than 100 yards against BYU and Miami earlier in the year. he and Theo Reddick have combined for over 1,400 yards rushing.