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Bears WR Brandon Marshall 'all good' after sideline spat

Chicago Bears star receiver Brandon Marshall wasn't thrilled on Monday, but any issues have been resolved.

Ezra Shaw

Brandon Marshall wasn't happy on Monday night, but things are now all better.

According to, Marshall has gotten over his anger that was displayed on Monday against the San Francisco 49ers. Marshall lashed out on the sidelines as Chicago was getting pounded in primetime, but quarterback Jay Cutler has spoken up on behalf of his star teammate.

"When I'm there I think things go a little bit smoother for Brandon," Cutler said Tuesday on "The Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000. "He's a receiver. He's like any high-end receiver; they want the ball and when they don't get the ball they get frustrated and when they get frustrated they get mad.

"That's why I've always said, if you've got a big-time receiver and they make plays for you, just throw them the ball. I don't care if they are covered or not, just throw them the ball and they will be happy."

Marshall and Cutler have proved to be quite the dynamic duo for Chicago. The pair has revitalized the offense, and more specifically the passing game, something the Bears have always lacked since the days of Sid Luckman.

The mercurial receiver has been all Lovie Smith could have wished for on the field, collecting 69 receptions for 925 yards and eight touchdowns. Marshall is easily enjoying the best season in recent memory for a Chicago Bear, giving Cutler a weapon that demands respect.

If Cutler can return in Week 12 against the Minnesota Vikings, that should put Marshall in a much happier place.