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Notre Dame, Orange Bowl announce limited deal

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish could face the top-ranked ACC team, four-team playoff scenario excluded, in the Orange Bowl twice over the next 12 seasons.

Jonathan Daniel

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have the opportunity to play in at least two Orange Bowl games over the next 12 years, according to the agreement reached between the ACC, the bowl committee and the school on Thursday.

The Big Ten and SEC are guaranteed to have a representative in the game three times apiece, according to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune. Notre Dame is now guaranteed two appearances, but with no minimum set for the school.

Irish athletics director Jack Swarbrick is excited about the prospect of facing tough ACC competition in a top-flight game:

"The Orange Bowl qualifies as one of the most prestigious events in college football's postseason and Notre Dame has played a part in that history, three times playing No. 1-ranked teams in our five previous appearances"

The Irish will still be bound to their agreement from September, in which it was decided that Notre Dame will slide into the ACC's bowl schedule if the school is not selected for the Orange Bowl and doesn't finish in the top four. In addition to the two possible Orange Bowl games, the Irish will also have a five-game ACC schedule every season starting as soon as 2014.