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Toledo vs. Northern Illinois: Huskies impress with ability to take control

The Northern Illinois Huskies impressed with their ability to take control of the game against Toledo after struggling early.


On Wednesday, the Northern Illinois Huskies clinched the MAC West with an exciting victory over Toledo. Trailing 14-7 heading into the second half, the Huskies used big play after big play and played it down to the wire, but they eventually walked away with the 31-24 victory.

They scored 24 unanswered points and might have lost the game if not for an opportunistic defense that snagged three interceptions off of Terrance Owens. As noted by Red And Black Attack in their postgame recap, the game was incredibly important:

"The Huskies finished with Lynch running the clock down and succeeded where many teams from the past couldn't. Enjoy this win, Huskie fans. It was one of the biggest wins in the recent history of this program."

That's referring to Huskies teams of the past. The group as a whole haven't necessarily been clutch, so this game was huge in so many ways. Fans will be pleased by the team's ability to come back from a sloppy start to really take control of the game.