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Texans vs. Bears score update: Bears trail after 3 quarters, 10-6

With Jay Cutler out, the Chicago Bears held the Texans scoreless in the third quarter but could only add a field goal as they head to the final quarter down, 10-6.

Cutler was hit hard as he stepped up to throw late in the second quarter, and although he finished the first half, he was diagnosed with a concussion at halftime and is out for the remainder of Sunday night's game.

Backup quarterback Jason Campbell took the field for the Bears offense, leading them to two straight punts to begin the half, but finished the quarter with a six-play, 34 yard drive which gave Chicago their second field goal of the game.

The Bears defense stifled the Texans offense, forcing them into two three-and-outs to begin the quarter. When the quarter ended, the Texans had possession but were still at their own 32-yard line.

Jason Campbell was 6-of-8 for 78 yards in the quarter, primarily targeting Brandon Marshall, who now has seven receptions for 99 yards on the evening.