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Northwestern vs. Michigan 2012: 'Northwestern fandom is the worst'

Michigan needed a Hail Mary and a heavy dose of luck Saturday to beat Northwestern and break the hearts of every Wildcats fan.


Northwestern left Michigan with only the tiniest sliver of hope Saturday, and somehow, the Wolverines took advantage to defeat the Wildcats in overtime, 38-31.

With 18 seconds left, Northwestern punted to give Michigan the ball on their own 33-yard line, needing only to keep the Wolverines out of field goal range. On the first play of the drive, Michigan converted a tipped Hail Mary to move within the Northwestern 10-yard line. They converted the field goal, tied the game and won in overtime.

Rodger Sherman of SB Nation's Northwestern blog, Sippin' on Purple, put it best, saying, "Brutal. Just absolutely, positively brutal."

Northwestern played Russian Roulette with a 1,000 barrel revolver and a single bullet, and yet here we are, sweeping their brains off the floor. We looked around and said "you can't be serious!", and whoever "you" is, he wanked aggressively and confirmed to us that he was. He was and remains completely serious, and every second we are closer to dying is his new favorite second.

Northwestern played well enough to win on both sides of the football, as they outgained the Michigan offense and forced two turnovers compared to Michigan's one.

The loss drops Northwestern to 7-3 on the season, 3-3 in the Big Ten. They'll look to rebound from this heartbreaking loss on the road next Saturday against the Michigan State Spartans.