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Bears' Mike Tice and Jay Cutler want to run more no-huddle

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice and quarterback Jay Cutler want to continue using more no-huddle offense in 2012.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

The Bears ran plenty of no-huddle offense in Sunday's 41-3 win over Jacksonville, a game in which Chicago rolled up 501 yards against the Jaguars defense. Offensive coordinator Mike Tice liked what he saw from quarterback Jay Cutler in the no-huddle and hopes to use it more as the 2012 season continues:

"We did have some no-huddle the other day where we gave (quarterback) Jay (Cutler) some really, really good chances to do either-or (types of plays), and I thought he did a great job with the no-huddle," Tice said. "We had gone to it early in the season, but it was the most extensive that we had. It was another drive that stalled when he had something going, but we're going to do more of that. We like (Cutler) managing the no-huddle, and that gives him -- that and the two-minute (offense) -- gives the quarterback a little bit of free reign out there."

"Free reign" doesn't mean that Jay Cutler will be going all Peyton Manning on the NFL anytime soon - Cutler dismissed a question about calling his own plays on Tuesday, and the Tice to quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates to Cutler play relay sequence will stay intact for the moment. Tice said that "Jeremy and I continue to work our rhythm" in getting plays down to the field so that Cutler can have a maximum amount of time at the line of scrimmage.

Cutler says that the offense is "not where we want to be." Dropping 40-plus points, with some help from the no-huddle, is a good place to start.