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Terry Bradshaw latest to take aim at Jay Cutler

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and current NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw is the latest to take aim at Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for his behavior both on and off the field.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jay Cutler's demeanor has certainly garnered plenty of attention this NFL season.

Following Cutler's incident last Monday Night where he walked away from offensive coordinator Mike Tice mid-conversation, NFL on FOX analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw became the latest to take aim at the Bears quarterback, according to Nina Falcone of CSN Chicago:

Speaking prior to the Bears-Jaguars game on Fox NFL Sunday, Bradshaw let Cutler know that he does not like his attitude, and he does not like him:

"I know I would never act like that. I would show respect to the head coach and offensive coordinator. I would never do, Jay, what you did to Mike Tice ... I would learn how to be a little bit nicer ... I like everybody. I'd like to like you, but right now I don't like you. Grow up, young man."

Cutler has led the Chicago Bears to first place in the NFC North with a 4-1 record, but it is his behavior, not his accomplishments, which have been the talking points on Cutler thus far this season.

Cutler and the Bears head into a bye week following their victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday. They will play the Detroit Lions in Week 7.