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Chicago Marathon results 2012: Atsede Baysa wins women's race

Sunday's women's race came down to the final few feet.

David Banks - Getty Images

Ethiopia's Atsede Baysa won the women's race at the 2012 Chicago Marathon on Sunday. Baysa edged second-place finisher Rita Jeptoo by one second, which tied for the closest finish in women's Chicago Marathon history. Baysa finished with an official time of two hours, 22 minutes and three seconds; she was one of two Ethiopians to finish in the top 10.

Liliya Shobukhova, who finished fourth on Sunday, had won the last three Chicago Marathons. Here's a look at the complete top 10:

1. Baysa, Atsede (ETH) -- 02:22:03
2. Jeptoo, Rita (KEN) -- 02:22:04
3. Kabuu, Lucy (KEN) -- 02:22:41
4. Shobukhova, Liliya (RUS) -- 02:22:59
5. Rotich, Caroline (KEN) -- 02:23:22
6. Konovalova, Maria (RUS) -- 02:25:38
7. Sado, Fatuma (ETH) -- 02:26:09
8. Metivier Baillie, Renee (USA) -- 02:27:17
9. McMahan, Dot (USA) -- 02:32:11
10. Pezzullo, Stephanie (USA) -- 02:32:42

The time was a personal best for Baysa, who has also won two Paris Marathons, an Istanbul Marathon and a Xiamen International Marathon. She finished second at the 2012 Dubai Marathon.

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