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Bears' Stephen Paea looks to rebound from poor effort vs. Cowboys

Stephen Paea believes that Monday night's game against the Cowboys was his worst performance of the season, and expects to do much better against Jacksonville on Sunday.

David Banks - Getty Images

Stephen Paea wasn't happy with his performance on Monday night against the Cowboys, and he described the showing as his worst of the season. Paea only recorded a single tackle in the game, and he had the following to say about his performance, via ESPN Chicago:

"I thought I didn’t pass rush very well. I know I can contribute more than I did in that game. But our linebackers, corners, safeties, they did all the work and saved me that day."

Paea will likely be in the middle of the action on Sunday against the Jaguars, as Jacksonville relies heavily on Maurice Jones-Drew and the running game. While the Jags' offense is ranked last in the NFL in total yardage, they sit 15th in the NFL in terms of rushing yards per game. The defensive tackle is excited about the prospect of facing the Jaguars ground based attack:

"It’s what we sign up for. It’s what we get paid for."

Paea and the Bears will take on the Jaguars in Jacksonville this Sunday at 3:05 p.m. CT. The game will be shown on FOX.