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Chicago Bulls preseason: Thibodeau earns respect, trust from players

Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has earned the respect of his players.


This offseason, the Chicago Bulls gave Tom Thibodeau a contract extension after two strong seasons at the helm. He's earned the respect of the front office, but what about the players? Carlos Boozer had some quotes in ESPN Chicago in which he makes it pretty clear:

"On this team, Thibs has been a part of a lot of great teams as an assistant, but coming in his first year he won (62) games. Last year in a shortened season we won 50. One of the two teams to do that last year. We're able to see the success in the time he puts in. He demands (players') respect because we win. I think when you have a coach that puts the time in and puts you in position to be successful and win, you give him respect."

It's true that Thibodeau did a lot with this team in such a little time, and that's why he earned his extension. Boozer goes on to talk about how winning earns you that respect, and how Thibodeau has done that. He also notes that Thibodeau is the first guy there at the team's facilities each morning, and that he shows as much or more dedication than any player in the league.

Boozer has a lot to say in the piece, so check it out. The gist of it all is that Thibodeau has done a lot in a very short time to earn the respect of his players, even if his coaching style can be somewhat grating at times, and Boozer expects Thibodeau to have a few NBA championships under his belt before it's all over.