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Chicago Bears' OC Mike Tice feels bad Chris Williams

Injuries and inconsistency derailed Chris Williams' career in Chicago.

Jonathan Daniel

Mike Tice didn't arrive in Chicago as offensive line coach until 2010, however he still feels poorly for former first-round pick Chris Williams, who was cut on Tuesday.

The 2008 draft was a successful one for the Bears, with four players remaining on the roster, including RB Matt Forte-- the home run of the class. However, some remember it for the whiff at the top, with once-thought future left tackle Chris Williams being plagued with injury, and inconsistency. Now offensive coordinator Mike Tice spoke about the former 14th overall pick fondly:

"We tried to move him inside a little bit, and just as things were going last year he got dinged up a little bit and lost some time. Right now, I just think the organization felt it would be good for him to maybe get a fresh start."

Last season the Bears tried to make Williams the team's left guard, a final attempt to salvage their former first round pick. While he only sustained a fairly minor injury to his hamstring, it was enough to derail his comeback permanently. Now Chicago will turn to James Brown and Cory Brandon, practice squad offensive linemen who the Bears like.

Meanwhile Chris Williams is now looking to re-start his career, and already has visits planned with the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles.