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White Sox's Robin Ventura ready to contribute to offseason meetings

After his first year as manager of the Chicago White Sox, Robin Ventura feels experienced, knowledgable and ready to contribute to offseason organizational meetings

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura looks to contribute to the teams' organizational meetings this offseason, a task he did not feel prepared to do last season, according to Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago.

Ventura was hired by Chicago in early October, and although he had been around the team since June of 2011 as a special advisor to player development, Ventura did not feel knowledgeable enough of the White Sox roster to add anything of substance to the conversations on player evaluations.

Now with a year of managerial experience under his belt, Ventura is ready to work with the front office and produce an improved White Sox roster.

For Ventura, knowledge and experience are the most important factors in these offseason meetings.

"You are now looking at what you've seen and been around instead of what you are being told and what your thinking is," Ventura said earlier this month. "Even for the whole staff to be together, it will just be a different meeting because everybody has been through it."

The White Sox roster will likely undergo several changes this offseason after the team floundered down the stretch, losing 10 of 12 late in the season and surrendering the AL Central title to the Detroit Tigers.