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Chicago Bulls hoping new fines curb flopping

The Chicago Bulls and head coach Tom Thibodeau welcome the newly instituted flopping rules, and hope they will improve the product on the court.

Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The NBA announced that this season the league will penalize flopping, instituting a fine system for repeat violators. Players will be issued a warning on the first instance of flopping, with a second violation warranting a $5,000 fine. The fines jump to $10,000 for a third offense, $15,000 for a fourth and $30,000 the fifth. Six or more violations and the player could face suspension.

The Chicago Bulls' players and coach Tom Thibodeau welcome the new league-wide flopping rules:

As for the flopping, Thibodeau, like his players, is just hoping it all shakes out. He doesn't like the flopping any more than any other fan.

"It's not just defensive flopping, it's offensive flopping," Thibodeau said. "It's things that are being done with the ball, where I think it's gone too much in the other direction. I think all that stuff, and the league's usually on top of it ... I think the product's really good right now. Each year things creep in and usually they nip it in the bud."

Chicago continues its preseason schedule with a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday evening at the United Center. The team kicks off the regular season on Oct. 31 with a home game against the Sacramento Kings.