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Notre Dame depth chart: Everett Golson still listed as top QB

Everett Golson is in his first season as Notre Dame's top quarterback.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Notre Dame expects quarterback Everett Golson to be on the field Saturday against BYU, despite suffering a concussion last weekend. The injury occurred in the fourth quarter of Notre Dame's victory over Stanford.

Coach Brian Kelly announced that Golson could return to practice as early as Tuesday. Whether or not he practices, the team's depth chart indicates that the sophomore will be the starter on Saturday.

Even for a mild concussion, returning to practice on Tuesday would be a very fast recovery. One expert, Chris Nowinski, was "offended" by coach Kelly's comments indicating that Golson might practice. Said Nowinski, "If it was up to me, the Notre Dame coach would be fined for that statement because he's now put expectations on (Golson).'' Nowinski fears that Kelly's comments could pressure Golson into a premature return.

In six games this seasons, Golson has passed for 968 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions.