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Bears LB Brian Urlacher says knee gets stronger every week

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has played through a knee injury all season, but he believes it is getting better each week.

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Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher believes his knee is getting stronger each week, and the rest from the bye week is helping him get back in top form, according to Jim Miller of CSN Chicago.

Urlacher missed most of training camp and all of preseason with the knee injury, but he has yet to miss a game in the regular season. He underwent arthroscopic knee surgery just prior to the beginning of the season. He is still recovering, and thus far, he is happy with his progress:

"It's getting better. 'm making plays again but every week I'm getting better. The bye week is nice.

"The more time off the better. The longer I rest the better it will get. I'm still doing rehab getting it stronger. I just listen to the trainers."

Urlacher has been a staple of the Chicago Bears since 2000, and is once again a key piece of a strong defense which ranks in the top five of the NFL. Still, the eight-time Pro Bowler is not satisfied with Chicago's 4-1 start.

"We suck and need to get better. 4-1 is not going to get you in the playoffs."

The Bears come off their bye week with a Monday night contest versus the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field.