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Notre Dame defense continues to thrive

Notre Dame's defense stepped up against the Stanford Cardinal, stuffing them on a goal line stand on Saturday afternoon.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have looked terrific this year, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Despite trailing the Stanford Cardinal for much of the game, the Golden Domers hung in there thanks to staunch defense all afternoon. When Notre Dame did tie things up and eventually take the lead in overtime, the defense was once again there to shut the door right in the nick of time.

With Stanford having fourth-and-goal from the Irish 1 yard line, the Irish came up big. According to, linebacker Manti Te'o was ready:

"We knew they were going to run the ball," Te'o said. "Those are moments that you remember and I think that you remember it's one of the most gritty, just get-after-it defenses that's ever competed."

Notre Dame might have the best defense in the country. Nobody has been able to run the ball in for a touchdown yet, and even more impressively, the unit hasn't allowed a touchdown since Sept. 8.

"People challenge our physical features -- we are one of the most physical defenses in the country. I don't care what anyone says," defensive end Stephon Tuitt said. "We're legit, it's a great D-line, our front seven is great and our defense is awesome."