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Carlos Boozer prepared for season with his children's trainer

Carlos Boozer uses the same trainer as his kids, blocks as many shots as them.

David Banks-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The indefatigable Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago tracked down Carlos Boozer on the playground to talk about Boozer's offseason workouts. The Booz went shopping for a new trainer because "things I was doing before wasn't getting me to be where I wanted to be at."

He didn't have to hunt far for his offseason workout guru. In what can only be called a back-to-basics approach, Carlos Boozer hired the man that works out his children.

Honestly, it's a wonder why no one has thought of this before. Adults with disposable cash are dying to re-connect with their youth. Why are there adult kickball leagues? Superhero movies? Therapists? When were we in the best shape of our lives, really?

And wouldn't you prefer this workout to the one you grind through (or don't bother with) right now?

  • warm up in the ball pit
  • once around the jungle gym
  • Slip'n'Slide
  • bouncy castle
  • Zumba
  • and cool down in the ball pit

Unless... unless that isn't the kind of training this trainer does. Maybe he's the one that turned Boozer's kids into Miami Heat fans. What if Boozer comes back and stinks up the place every time he plays the Heat because his new family trainer inserted brainwashing suggestions, Manchurian Candidate-style?

Oh God. It already happened.