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Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher promises return to All-Pro form

Brian Urlacher, fighting a PCL injury, promises he will once again be among the league's best.

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Former All-Pro Chicago Bears linebacker Brain Urlacher is still recovering from a PCL injury sustained in the Bears' 2011 finale, but the veteran defensive star promised he would return to the form that made him a widely feared defensive presence.

Though Urlacher has played in all five of the Bears' games in 2012, his impact has been somewhat lessened of late for a defense that ranks first in the league in takeaways. For the year, Urlacher has 20 tackles and has not created a turnover while leading the defense. Despite playing this season, the linebacker has admitted that his PCL is torn, and the injury has limited his ability to produce.

"Of course it's never going to be the same when you have a torn PCL. But that's the ligament you don't need, I guess. It feels different in there, but there's no doubt in my mind I'll be able to be an impact player again. I just have to keep getting better, like I said.

"Week to week is how I'm taking it right now. Of course every once in a while I think about next year and what's going to happen. But there's so much going on right now, so much to do, I'm trying to take it week by week and game by game. It's the politically correct thing to say, so that's what I'm saying."

The soon-to-be free agent and eight-time Pro Bowler has played 13 years in the league, but believes he can return to the form that brought him and the Chicago Bears to the top of the NFL's defensive ranks and a trip to Super Bowl XLI.