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Bears' Brian Urlacher thinks defense might be better than it was in 2006

Is this year's Bears defense better than the one that led the 2006 team to the Super Bowl? Brian Urlacher thinks so.

David Banks - Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have one of the best defenses in the NFL so far this season, and linebacker Brian Urlacher believes it may even be better than the defense that led the Bears to a Super Bowl in 2006.

"That's a long time ago," Urlacher said at a public appearance at Niketown Chicago. "I know we had a lot of takeaways back then as well. I'm not sure we got after the quarterback as we do now. We have a lot of guys front up who are getting after the quarterback. I don't think we scored as much on defense back then as we do right now."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The Bears are currently first in the NFL in takeaways with 17 and are tied for the league lead in sacks with 18. Of those 17 takeaways, five have been interceptions for touchdowns, making Chicago the first team in NFL history to take back five interceptions for touchdowns in their first five games.

Urlacher noted that the current defense's big play ability is what separates it from other Bears defenses that he has been a part of. Both Urlacher and Lovie Smith have noted that the defense could cause more fumbles, and if that happens, the defense could reach a whole new level.