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Derrick Rose is pleased with Tom Thibodeau's extension

Bulls point guard Derrick Rose expressed his happiness for head coach Tom Thibodeau, who received a four-year contract extension on Monday, to reporters at media day.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

After learning that head coach Tom Thibodeau received a four-year contract extension from Chicago Bulls management on Monday, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was among the players to display his pleasure at hearing the news, as Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago writes.

Upon learning the news at the Bulls' media day on Monday, Rose discussed his happiness with reporters:

It's great, man, just to know that we finally got a deal done. Got his deal done and I don't know if he was thinking about it, got a second opinion about me... I'm just happy that he's my coach for X amount of years. He's a guy that we need around this organization, where he's pushing everyone in the entire organization to want to be better and try to push this organization to win a championship.

Rose wasn't the only player to voice his happiness for Thibs, either, as Luol Deng expressed similar sentiments on Monday as well. Between Rose, Deng and Thibodeau, the Bulls certainly have some pieces to work with as they try to win a NBA championship, but that will likely elude them this season given the point guard's ACL injury.