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President Barack Obama Predicts Bulls Will Visit White House Next Year

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The Dallas Mavericks earned their invite to the White House last summer by knocking off LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and rest the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, but it wasn't until today that the champs actually visited President Barack Obama at his place of living. Much like the man he proceeded, Obama is a huge sports fan and never shy to tell a group of microphones that his rooting interests lie in Chicago.

Perhaps it's no surprise then that during Dallas' White House visit, Obama declare it would be the Bulls visiting who ever is in the White House at this time next year,

From the AP:

"This was a remarkable run, a great victory," Obama declared, as owner Mark Cuban and Mavericks stars, including series MVP Nowitzki, looked on. "It's too bad that next year, it'll be the Chicago Bulls here."

After nine games, the Bulls (7-2) have the NBA's third highest winning percentage.