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2012 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Previews And Predictions

After a 3-1 week, how will I do this weekend?

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We have one weekend of games left until the Super Bowl. Last week I went 3-1 with my picks. I got the Saints game wrong, but nailed the rest. For the entire postseason I am now 5-3. Here is how I see this weekend's games.

New England 24 Baltimore 14

Patriots are on a roll and the best of the four remaining teams. Baltimore is a solid team, but when it comes to this point of the season I like to look at the quarterbacks. I still have some concerns with Joe Flacco and have none with Brady.

The Baltimore defense is good, but I don't think anyone can stop the Patriots right now. If Baltimore can create turnovers and sustain long drives running the ball with Ray Rice, the game could be closer than most people think. In the long run it's Brady at home with multiple weapons. I like the Patriots by 10.

NY Giants 21 San Francisco 14

The Giants and 49ers are very similar. San Fran has a better defense, but the Giants can sure create pressure on the quarterback. Both teams can run the ball so I see the game coming down to the quarterbacks and receivers. Alex Smith has finally had a nice season under the leadership of Jim Harbaugh. Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree are nice targets to have.

Eli Manning has been in this situation before. His receiving corp of Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks are as good as any. This will be a close game and I see the Giants sneaking out with a seven point win.

Enjoy the games this weekend.