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The Mayans Were Right: Texas A&M Leaves Big 12 And Receives Nod To Join SEC (Update)

Texas A&M has officially left the Big 12. The SEC has also approved them. But now Baylor is threatening a lawsuit. Drama!

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Texas A&M
Texas A&M

It's happening, people. It's really happening. THE END OF THE WORLD.

Texas A&M has officially left the Big 12 and received an unanimous vote to join the SEC. Tears. Blood. Hate. Chaos. Greed. Revenge(?).

But, wait! There's a savior. A John Cusack* to our apocalypse. The always fun "unknown university" (update: it's Baylor) threatening legal action. 

The SEC says its presidents approved the invitation to Texas A&M, but Wednesday it received word from the Big 12 that one of its schools had withdrawn its previous consent and was considering legal action.

Intrigue. Every great story needs a plot twist and this one has been chalk full of M. Night Shyamalan-ian Kansas City Shuffles.

Many are asking, "Why the Aggies?" It's simple. The SEC does not have any TV reach into Texas. Now they do. This is also why you shouldn't expect teams like FSU or Clemson to join. The SEC already has those markets (and there is a nice little voting pact between Florida, Georgia and South Carolina to vote against same-market invites). Expect a team like Missouri to get the next invite (again, a new market for TV rights). College football isn't run by intelligence or reason, just what makes the most sense financially in the immediate future. Dollar dollar bill, y'all.

The ramifications of this our obviously huge. How will the Big10, Pac12 and the like react? How will this affect the BCS? Will Super Conferences ruin college football like Super Pacs have ruined politics and comedy? I'm not nearly intelligent or clairvoyant enough to possibly know. But I know one thing; Notre Dame isn't going anywhere.

*This may be a complete mixed metaphor. I never saw the movie.

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