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VIDEO: Derrick Rose's New adidas Commercial Will Make You Miss Him More Than Ever

It's been a minute since we last heard from Derrick Rose. The reigning MVP didn't go Dirk on us by hiding in another country after a tough playoff loss, it just sort of feels that way. Rose hasn't made waves by signing with a team overseas like Deron Williams, didn't change his name or enter "Dancing With The Stars" like the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, and didn't drop ridiculous amounts of points in street ball games like Kevin Durant John Lucas III. Rose has just sort of stayed quiet, no doubt working on his game and plotting his way to get past the Heat and the rest of the NBA's elite.

While the NBA is still seemingly miles away from coming back, D. Rose Fever returned briefly to Chicago/the Internet/my heart yesterday with the release of his latest adidas commercial.


Super dope, right? I thought so.

Before I let you go, check this YouTube comment:

Anyone notice the colors they used?

Celtics - Green

Magic - Blue

Lakers - Yellow

Heat - Red

Rose has to make it pass them all to win it.

Didn't catch that at first, but hey, pretty cool.