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Is Bob Davidson The Most Disliked Umpire?

Fans of the Chicago White Sox will always cringe when they find out Joe West is umpiring one of their games. West has had a history with Ozzie Guillen and Mark Buehrle and their is no love loss between them. Veteran Umpire Bob Davidson might be taking over the crown from Joe West as the most disliked umpire in baseball.


Wednesday evening Davidson showed why his quick temper is bad for the game. In the fifth inning of the Cubs and Pirates game, Tyler Colvin was called out on strikes. It wasn’t a great pitch and Colvin was angry with the call. He didn’t get in Davidson’s face, kick dirt, or take a long time leaving home plate. Colvin got thrown out of the game. Mike Quade who just came out to protect his player. like any manager would, began questioning the ejection in a rather civil manner. Quade wasn’t showing up Davidson, he didn’t go all Lou Piniella on him with the hat throwing or kicking of the dirt and Davidson tossed him too.


Memo to Bob Davidson. No fans pay money to see the umpire. One sign of a good umpire is one you don’t notice or see in the newspapers or on TV highlights. It might be time for Bob Davidson to hang up the ball bag and plate brush and retire to his home so he can yell at the neighborhood kids for walking through his yard or keep wiffle balls from kids that hit them in his yard to teach them a lesson.