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Bulls' John Lucas III Hangs 60 In New York Summer Game

Kevin Durant damn near blew up the Internet a day ago by scoring 66 points at New York's famed Rucker Park in an organized street ball game. Video of Durant's performance went viral by the afternoon, and served as a refreshing counterbalance to the NBA's latest discouraging labor update

A day later, we learned of another transcendent summer ball performance, only this time it came from the last guy you'd expect. John Lucas III -- most notable for being the dude in street clothes passing out high fives at the end of the Bulls' bench last season -- scored an unfathomable 60 points Tuesday night against a team that included Durant and Pacers center Roy Hibbert.

Lucas III will be best remembered by Bulls fans for missing a crucial free throw in a November game against Denver that cost the Bulls win No. 63. It was perhaps one of the most memorable regular season losses of the 2010-2011 campaign with C.J. Watson carrying the offense in the only game Derrick Rose missed all season. Of course, you could count on the Internet to provide a snarky response when news of Lucas' big night spread this morning.


Some people were more complimentary.

"Should be broadcasted by everybody. Everybody should know. The way he played was unbelievable. He got it easier tonight than I got it last night. He had a hell of a game," Durant said.

How'd JL3 do it? Check the line: 22-for-41 from the field, including 6-of-19 from three. He was also 10-of-11 from the free throw line, and no, that miss didn't cost his team the game.