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Cubs May Have New Plans For Wrigley Field Financing

It’s no secret that major improvements need to be made to Wrigley Field. The concessions need to be revamped, the bathrooms should be expanded, and concrete is literally falling from above. The main question is how will the Cubs pay for these modifications?


For the first time City Hall seems to be willing to help the Cubs out. Former Mayor Richard Daley rejected on idea of using public funds to help restore Wrigley Field. The new regime led by Rahm Emanuel seems more willing to listen to the Cubs request.


The Cubs have estimated that the proposed changes would cost about $400 million and are looking for public support for half of that.


With the present state of the economy it might be difficult to get this passed without serious objections, especially with schools lacking in money and having to cut so many programs. Stay tuned because this will definitely turn in to a public debate.