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Bears Still Up On Bills After Three Quarters

The Bears and Bills have completed three quarters of play. The Bears are holding on to a 7-3 lead. Here are the news and notes from the third quarter.

- Just on the eye test alone, if the Bears keep only three RB’s they should be Matt Forte, Marion Barber, and Kahlil Bell.

- Nathan Enderle not very mobile which when you have a bad offensive line is not good. Then again if Enderle gets any snaps this season does it really matter?

- Enderle throwing the ball better than Hanie did.

- Took five minutes in to the second half for the Bears offense to get first penalty. Very encouraging.

- Bears have now been sacked six times already with almost nine minutes left in third quarter.

- Zach Bowman with a great play to break up a pass. Bowman shaken up but walked off under his own power, but won’t return because of a head injury.

- Bears back up defenders have done the best job so far of stopping the run.

- Number of penalties is starting to increase as more substitutes are being used. Typical pre-season opener.

- Chris Adams and Enderle connect on a nice pass play.

- Enderle playing much better on second possession with much more time to throw.

- Typical rookie mistake by Enderle throwing an interception in the red zone. Had plenty of time but should have just thrown it away so they could get three points. Nice drive by the rookie with the exception of the interception.