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Bears Lead Bills At Halftime

The Bears and Bills have reached halftime with the Bears leading 7-3. Here are the news and notes from the second quarter.

- Marion Barber looks like the Barber of 2007. Ran the ball seven times for 45 yards and was clearly running through guys. Very encouraging. Chester Taylor should be worried about his job.

-Starting offensive line has played the entire first half. Creating some nice holes for Barber against Bills second string defenders. Still giving up way too many sacks on passing situations.

- Defense giving up yardage but making the stops when it counts.

- Vernon Gholston has looked good on defense and special teams. The former sixth overall pick of the Jets could be a nice addition.

- Passing game has been nothing this half. Caleb Hanie scored touchdown on a nice sneak.

-Buffalo seems to like using Brad Smith on the wildcat. May want to save it for the regular season if they plan on it being a “secret weapon”.

-Caleb Hanie has looked bad throwing the football. Missed some open receivers.

- Marcus Harrison left the game with shoulder injury. Questionable to return.

-Bears are still dominant on special teams. Nice returns by Knox and Earl Bennett.

- New Punter Adam Podlesh has looked average at best.

- Divots beginning to become a lot more noticeable in second quarter.