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Bears Trail After First Quarter 3-0

The Bears and Bills have completed the first quarter of play at Soldier Field with the Bills holding a 3-0 victory. Here are the first quarter news and notes:

- Corey Wootton got hurt on the opening kickoff with what is being reported as a knee injury.

- In Cutlers brief time playing he was sacked on a play that also had a holding penalty. Not good.

- Chester Taylor looks slow like he did last season.

- Johnny Knox might have been demoted as a WR but had a very nice kick return to show he belongs.

-Offensive line is what we were thought they were. Rusty.

- Not much of a pass rush by the first unit. Bears have been known to be pretty vanilla with their defensive schemes in the pre-season.

- Lots of the key starters are starting to leave game as expected.

- Field conditions seem ok. Tarp was on field earlier because of rain.