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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks

Top 25 Fantasy Quarterbacks

The fantasy football draft season is here. Over the next few days I will rank each position which will hopefully give you an advantage in your league. Feel free to e-mail any draft questions you have to  and I will give you my opinion. Here are the Quarterback rankings.

1) Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

Brett who? Rodgers is already in his prime and already has a Supebowl Ring for his efforts. Great fit in the Packer offense. Expect another huge year from Rodgers.

2) Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Brady is still the man. It doesn't seem to matter who his targets are and he still has a great season. A team with an average running game that clearly leans towards the passing game. Two young TE's, Wes Welker and now Ochocinco. Brady will have a huge year.

3) Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

Brees is still one of the best. Doesn't hurt that Sean Payton's vertical passing game is perfect for Brees and fantasy owners. With an average defense Brees will benefit from a lot of high scoring games and so will you if you have him on your team.

4) Philip Rivers- San Diego Chargers

Rivers was kind of under the radar in 2010 but had a great season. With some durability questions at RB, San Diego loves to air it out. Doesn't hurt to have Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson, and Antonio Gates as targets. AFC West is a scoring division. Take Rivers if you have the chance.

5) Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts

This is the lowest Manning has been ranked in years. Only concern is offseason neck surgery. Assuming Manning is healthy he still is the man. It will help having his safety blanket Dallas Clark back. Follow Mannings health reports but assuming no change he is still a safe pick.

6) Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles

Lots of publications have Vick as the top fantasy QB this season. I think Vick will have a nice season but I don't think he is better than those listed above. I need to see Vick make it through a full season plus some receiver at WR with Maclin and his illness and DeSean Jackson and his contract issues.

7) Matt Schaub- Houston Texans

Anyone who gets to throw to Andre Johnson is ok in my book.

8) Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and now Julio Jones as targets. Enough said.

9) Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

As long as Big Ben can stay healthy and out of trouble he is a solid fantasy QB.

10) Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Had a nice 2010 campaign. Looking for more in 2011.

11) Eli Manning- New York Giants

Will throw a ton of interceptions and have those games that make you wonder how he's a manning, but then you get rewarded with the games that you think it's Peyton behind center.

12) Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens

Lee Evans as a deep threat will only increase his stats.

13) Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

If he gets protected that will equal production. Can probably get late in most drafts but would be a steal.

14) Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

Health is concern but with Miles Austin, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant could put up huge numbers.

15) Matt Cassel- Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Breaston addition can only make things better. Only concern is Kansas City seems to run the ball too much.

16) Kyle Orton- Denver Broncos

Very underrated fantasy QB. Concern is Tebow could take away TD's.

17) Mark Sanchez- New York Jets

QB on a good team, but more of a game manager.

18) Sam Bradford- St Louis Rams

Addition of Mike Sims-Walker will be great for Bradford.

19) Matthew Stafford- Detroit Lions

Such potential but can't stay healthy. Could produce huge numbers if he could play past October.

20) David Garrard- Jacksonville Jaguars

Could be motivated by Blaine Gabbert breathing down his neck.

21) Jason Campbell- Oakland Raiders

QB of a bad team could get a lot of garbage points.

22) Kevin Kolb- Arizona Cardinals

Not a big Kolb fan. Fitzgerald is a nice target but not much else on the team.

23) Alex Smith- San Francisco 49'ers

Smith could be motivated since his job might be on the line. Has great targets in Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and now Braylon Edwards. Solid backup option for a bye week start.

24) Donovan McNabb- Minnesota Vikings

Not sure what he has left in the tank. Loss of Sidney Rice is huge. Not a lot of great targets.

25) Matt Hasselbeck- Tennessee Titans

Playing for an awful team. Once season with Titans will convince Hasselbeck to retire and join his brother on TV.


1) Shaun Hill- Detroit Lions

With Stafford always hurt, Hill could be a value pick.

2) Jake Locker- Tennessee Titans

Will get playing time at some point once Titans get eliminated.

3) Blaine Gabbert- Jacksonville Jaguars

Garrard era could be over so Gabbert could come in sooner than later.


On The Decline

1) David Garrard- Jacksonville Jaguars

Garrard's chances in Jacksonville are dwindling.

2) Donovan McNabb- Minnesota Vikings

Any time you get benched for Rex Grossman the end must be near.

3) Kevin Kolb- Arizona Cardinals

In Arizona will be similar to Feeley with the Dolphins.