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Gordon Beckham Latest Athlete In Trouble For Gay Slur

Chicago White Sox second-baseman Gordon Beckham thought he was leaving a message that would only be seen by a close friend. Unfortunatley it was seen by hundreds if not thousands of fans and they aren’t laughing.


While playing the Kansas City Royals Monday evening, Beckham left a message in the dirt near second base for his good friend Chris Getz that said “Getz is Gay!…GB”. Although it wasn’t picked up on TV or probably by most fans on the lower level, the fans in the upper deck had a clear view of the message.


General Manager Ken Williams told the Chicago Sun-Times “I’m disappointed. I’m just disappointed for this to come on the heels of the Kobe Bryant thing, and [Joakim] Noah, and, yes, a number of years ago the issue with Ozzie [Guillen]. There just needs to be a greater awareness of when you’re in the public eye. Something between two friends meant as a joke? Well you’re representing not just yourself, but your team, your sport, your family.”


It is still unknown at this time if Beckham will be punished by Major League Baseball.