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"Ask SBN Chicago" Question of the Week: Who Would Be Your "Desert Island" Twitter Follow?

The staff of SBN Chicago weighs in on the question of the week.

Desert Island, yo.
Desert Island, yo.

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Who would be your "desert island" Twitter follow, and why? (If you could only follow one person, who would it be?)


Z.W. Martin (@ZWMartin): @mlbtraderumors When it comes to baseball, I am a huge dork. Until further notice, this is the best source available to keep up with all MLB teams' transactions. From blockbuster trades to simple minor league releases. No other site/twitter account keeps me as informed as MLBTR.


Michael David Smith (@MichaelDavSmith): I have lots of must-follow tweeters, and a lot of them are the ones everyone knows, the ones with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. But if I have to choose one person to follow, it's actually someone who has fewer followers than I have: Matthew K, @producermatthew. I don't know @producermatthew and I'm not even totally sure who he is or what he does, I just know that almost every single tweet of his is something interesting that I didn't already know. His Twitter was the first place I learned who's hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics, his Twitter gave me a highly amusing description of Joey Chestnut's victory in the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. Bits and pieces of random news are what I really like about Twitter, and no one gives me that better than @producermatthew.


Bobby Loesch (@BobbyStompy): My immediate answer to this is the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33), but after thinking about this question so much it stopped being fun, I think my answer might actually be CNBC Business Reporter, Darren Rovell (@darenrovell). While Simmons is hands down my favorite sportswriter, I got to thinking: you're on a desert island, you're alone (presumably?), so you're going to need companionship. Rovell tweets about double the amount Simmons does (roughly 15,000 to Simmons' 7,000), and he brings it with fake sports headlines, business tidbits, interesting pictures and, of course, gratuitous food shots and commentary. Though maybe being on a desert island and seeing pictures of meals from the other side of the world might even make one even crazier. See, I thought about this question so much I ruined it.

Ricky O'Donnell (@TUP_Ricky): As someone who follows exactly **900** people on Twitter and doesn't do any of that 'list' stuff, I know all about choosing my spots. Because no one could possibly keep up with every tweet when you follow that many people, I've culled a collection of about 15 to 20 accounts I check regularly. Many are friends, and honestly, Mr. @BobbyStompy is usually my first pit stop of the day. @BullsBlogger was great during the last NBA season too, but his offseason activity has been so minimal and his focus is so narrow that I can't go with him. I checked rapper Tyler, The Creator's totally NSFAnyone account religiously for months. He had just over 5,000 followers when I started, now he's at 320,000. I find his rise to fame fascinating, to the point where I'd rather read his tweets than listen to his music.

Still, my answer is @FreeDarko. Along with Simmons and Will Leitch and Chuck Klosterman (all also in contention for this coveted honor), he's one of my favorite writers ever, and though he feels guilty for tweeting as often as he does, I think that's what you're looking for when you're stranded in solitude. Since FD closed the doors on their blogspot, and since Fanhouse effectively committed suicide to its relevance, Twitter is basically the only place you can find Bethlehem Shoals now. I dig his articles, and lately he's been tackling stuff other than the NBA (music, culture, ect.) which I really enjoy. There are also days where I feel like I could RT everything he says. Is that not the ultimate compliment one can be paid on Twitter?