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Illinois Gov. Will Finally Make Good on Packers-Bears Playoff Bet

It took some seven months, but Illinois Governor Pat Quinn finally said he'd make good on bet with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made prior to the Packers-Bears NFC Championship Game back in January.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the loser had to go to the other state and hand out food at a local food pantry, wearing the winning team's jersey. Thanks to Jay Cutler (joke!), Quinn lost. A spokesperson initially said the Illinois governor would fulfill his promise by February, but Walker had his hands full after his proposal to take away most collective bargaining agreement rights from public workers set off a political firestorm.

More details via the Tribune:

He did fulfill another part of the bet by flying a Packers flag outside his office in February, a week before Walker released his union bill.

Walker, apparently tired of waiting, followed through on the bet Monday handing out brats, cranberries, cherry pies and honey at a Kenosha food pantry.

When asked about the bet during a Monday news conference, Quinn said he would wear a Packers jersey and hand out food at a Wisconsin food bank at some point in the coming weeks. He then added: "We'll pay the bet, and this year the Bears will beat the Packers twice and go to the conference championship and win, and then hopefully win the Super Bowl. But we've had enough of these cheeseheads."

No word on if Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will be on hand to try out any new standup material.