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Videos: Michael Jordan Wins Bet With Fans At American Century Celebrity Golf Championship

Well, well, well. What do you know. Michael Jordan, on the golf course this weekend at the American Century Championship, managed to squeeze in a few wagers with members of the gallery during Friday's action in Lake Tahoe. What the bet was is not quite clear, but prior to teeing off at what appears to be a par-3, Jordan mingles with the fans to make some sort of proposition. The two videos below feature MJ first inaudibly interacting with the fans before the money gets placed down. In the second video, Jordan lines up to hit his shot. Take a look to see what unfolded.



No more bets!



And voila. The most competitive man on the planet sprints over to collect his winnings. It was probably for no more than a $20 dollar bill per person, but you can see the glee in which Jordan scoops the cash and basks in the win. Gotta love it.