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NFL Lockout 2011 News: Don't Tell Brian Urlacher There Are Any Positives

Plenty of NFL players have said this offseason that there are positive aspects to the lockout: Some have said they're getting more rest and relaxation, some have said they're spending more time with their families, and some have said that they get better workouts done with their own personal trainers than they would at organized team activities.

Brian Urlacher sees all of that. And he thinks it's ridiculous to say any of that means there's a good side to the lockout.

"I don't think it's good at all. I don't think anything good can come out of this," Urlacher told ESPN. "The guys are getting rest, but we'd rather be working. I know that much. That's what we do. Hopefully there's not a lot of injuries when we start back again, either."

Urlacher said he's been able to spend more time with his children during the lockout than he has in offseasons past, and he says his own personal workouts haven't been any different than they'd be if it were a normal year in the NFL.

 "I feel good," Urlacher said. "If [the lockout ends] I'm ready to go. I've just been doing my regular offseason workouts, the same stuff we always do, just not with my teammates. It's the same as always. I haven't done anything different except not do OTAs and stuff with my teammates."

But that doesn't mean Urlacher sees a silver lining to the lockout.